Coming across this article by NBC news gave solidity to my daily stretches I have enjoyed since 2006.

I was introduced to the best stretches by my physical therapist at the time (thanks Carrie) however have found more that have decreased pain in my hip and strengthened my knees. And don’t forget my lower back (upward dog, downward dog, unite!). I practiced this nightly for years before a massage therapist recommended a morning routine to prevent knots. This has helped my agility and routine feel even better.

I can write more and more and more however I wanted to reference this article by Brianna for it’s sincerity. I recommend stretching anytime; while waiting for something, while watching something, while wanting something, while not doing something, while doing something.

The Happier Traveler

Sometimes the best part about a vacation is coming home. Or remembering that night far away. Or looking over pictures that bring happiness. Or telling stories to friends and family.

But how do we get there? We research, we plan, we dream. We could have trips in mind for the near future and far. These can be trips within miles or continents. We need to prepare so we can be out happiest when traveling.

I recently read a book about traveling and was thoroughly disappointed. It was promoting itself to help others have “happy” travels however the author could not stop talking about only herself. The “advice” might be correct for some but I did not have to hear about what car she owned or how we SHOULD NOT worry about taking pictures. My inner artist just cringed.

I was recently speaking with someone who felt overcome with anxiety when just speaking about a planned vacation with family. We reviewed our thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the present and future. Where does our anxiety come from? Maybe it’s not just our stomach, or fears, or worry. Examine any disruptive feelings, of doubt or worry. It’s good to explore using speech or expressive arts to help us understand further.

Are there any problems that could occur? Becoming lost or losing touch with them?  Have safety measures in place to help problem-solve like it’s happened before. Maybe it has and we can learn from this. Reflect on your experiences from previous vacations.

But most of all, what do we want to see? Need to see? Maybe everything, so choosing 1 out of 4  could help prevent feeling overwhelmed. Talk to others and reflect. What isn’t complicated? What means something to you?

Continue exploring this. Especially as travels pass by. It is the same sun, earth, and self. Let us day dream and imagine.

Centered, Ikigai

The ikigai Venn diagram can help us reflect, contemplate, and maybe change (or keep) what we have going on for ourselves. I was able to read an enlightening article in a Women’s Health magazine about this “balance” some are searching for. I understand this journey, and hear others’ understanding of this as well. When things can feel “ok” or “good” day to day we still may feel something is missing. It might be connections, positive views, taking care of our bodies, or feeling natural.
I just wrote a few questions that came to mind for myself, what comes to mind for you? Take your time with this and see if answers change or are even there. Write, draw, dance, or sing about it.
I am here if you want to be heard.

*In the orange near the top it says What you LOVE, sorry about the reflection.

Good News

After a dozen ideas shared with others face to face, I feel you should know.

Many people have mentioned feelings about current local news and expressed sadness, disinterest, anxiety… we should keep up with what’s going on around us. But what else is going on around us?

Good news! And good news it is. I discovered this site after researching a few positive credentialed networks. This network and a few others are very uplifting. Inspirational. Motivation. Lovely.
It can be added as an app for iPhones and Androids: Good News Network

I love receiving a daily quote you can find in settings. They also have other options that will suit you. Enjoy!

Positive News 

Huff Post Good News 

Inspiring Videos from Gimundo


Take a deep breath. What do you need right now? Is it possible? Maybe taking your first step towards that can help. A first step can be thinking about it, writing, walking, calling, talking, planning, singing, drawing, breathing, or watching.

Catastrophic Anxiety

My Art Therapy supervisor shared this creative cartoon from her attendance at the American Art Therapy Association’s  annual conference (thanks Evelyn!). I enjoy the humor, reality, and honesty portrayed. We might not feel we look as anxious as this cat looks however most of us have experienced one or more of these symptoms (lack of concentration, sleeplessness, irritable, overreacting, stomach problems, antsy, fear, muscle tension, fatigue, racing heart, or headache) affecting our daily routine.
The suggested coping skills (self-care, simplifying, identifying triggers, sharing, nourishing our spirits, and avoiding triggers) are good for anyone, not just those who feel anxious.

It may not be anxiety however life holds various objects, people, tasks, and subjects that cause feelings we can’t always identify or control.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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